The Money Saving Photo Solution for Your Wedding Day

Published on Oct 15, 2012 by April Knobles


Setting your wedding reception tables with disposable cameras as wedding favors is a thing of the past. Although you might be paying a pretty penny for a wedding photographer, there is no way that one person can capture all the action, especially at a larger event. Now you can use technology to your advantage and revolutionize the way that your guests participate in your reception with a new App called Snapable. Snapable allows you to create an online account to manage all the photos taken on your wedding day with smart phones. Snapable is easy to use, and free!

In order to use Snapable, you simply create a free account, and then share the account information with your guests using an elegant table card that Snapable provides. The table card has instructions on how to download and use the app. Once your friends and family complete the instruction card, all the photos that they take throughout the night will be automatically added to your online album instantly.

Snapable has some great features to help you control what photos are seen, and who you want to share them with. After the excitement of your big day is over, you can login to your account and decide which photos to print, share, or keep private. There is no begging people to send you their photos, or spending your money to develop a bunch of digital camera film only to find out that half the pictures are too dark. There is also no waiting period to see your photos like there often is with a photographer. You can see them all at once from multiple perspectives with this one simple app. You can be going through photos and reminiscing about your special day as soon as the honeymoon!

The basic Snapable app is free and it gives you access to the basic features like full-resolution photo storage and sharing for 45 days post-event. You can also choose to upgrade and get more storage time for a small fee. There are different options for getting prints if you are planning to put together a wedding album. Now, instead of disposable cameras, you can choose some unique wedding favors that your guests will really enjoy!